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At 19:23:24 on 08.03.12, Flicka wrote:
I've just received my copy of a new release 'if wishes were horses'-a memoir of equine obsession by susanna forrest. I thought it would be fun to start up a Trot ON Book Club and then we can choose some days and get together to discuss it online-is anyone up for it?...say if you are and then we'll work out how we're going to do it!! Suggestions welcome :D Oh and the best prices are from Amazon and The Book Depositary (click link on side of Book Worms group- their p&p is free worldwide.) I've bought books from both and it's worth comparing their prices :)



At 19:51:19 on 08.03.12, amylouise95 wrote:
Good idea! :)



At 07:27:45 on 09.03.12, quorum wrote:
Count me in Flicka, just about to order If Wishes Were Horses now!!! :D



At 07:47:54 on 09.03.12, Dazzle wrote:
Ordered it from Amazon but being miserly have gone for the free p&p which means it'll take a week to get here.



At 11:17:41 on 09.03.12, picsnicky wrote:
I'm in too:) I've ordered the book from The Book Depositary... I just hope that I can read it in a reasonable time frame - I always have a book on the go and like to read in bed, but only seem to get through a couple of pages before I conk out! (Try to avoid hardbacks as they hurt more as they fall on to my face lol!)



At 13:49:49 on 09.03.12, Flicka wrote:
Ha ha, well it is a hardback so you better stay awake! If everyone comes back here and tells us when they've got their copy, we'll decide on a reasonable reading time-I'm definitely not a speed reader either and do tend to read in bed zzzzz.



At 08:20:43 on 12.03.12, quorum wrote:
Getting really excited, hoping the book will arrive today!I will only have six books on the go!! lol



At 11:46:51 on 12.03.12, Dazzle wrote:
Good old Amazon, it arrived today! I have to say it is much longer than I thought it would be. Can not wait to start it. Do we have a date for the reviews yet?



At 09:48:38 on 16.03.12, picsnicky wrote:
Hold your horses (lol!),Dazzle... My copy hasn't arrived yet - it has been dispatched though so should get it any time now :)



At 23:48:15 on 17.03.12, amylouise95 wrote:
I might order it too then :)


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