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Member Updates
Dazzle 3 word Friday: Rider behaving badly. (23.01.2015)
Dazzle 3 word Thursday: Horse behaving badly. (22.01.2015)
Follow The Arrow training four horses is harder than it looks. xD pray for me. (21.01.2015)
picsnicky Have joined the Dazzle camp! I too am layered up to the hilt today - Snow arrived in Suffolk today :P (21.01.2015)
Dazzle Today is Blue Monday supposedly the saddest day of the year. I'm blue, blue with cold! (19.01.2015)
Dazzle who ate all the pies? It looks like me, wearing 7 layers today, its so cold (18.01.2015)
Dazzle Boots perfect colour matched my foundation and lipstick. I might ride badly but I'll look good doing it! (03.01.2015)
picsnicky Happy New Year. Good wishes to all my Trot On friends x (02.01.2015)
Dazzle Happy New Year, resolution:- stop moaning about the weather... does wanting the wind to drop count as a moan? (01.01.2015)
Dazzle Troton Support, did you send me an email? It arrived and then vanished. Please resend!! (30.12.2014)
Dazzle and its a big fat Merry Christmas from me. (24.12.2014)
Follow The Arrow is freezing and has to find a way to train 3 horses. (24.11.2014)
Part Arab Hello again horsey friends. It's been a while. Sienna is still doing well at the ripe old age of 36 tho I have stopped riding her NOT loving (20.11.2014)
TreesRGreen Blaze was clipped yesterday, and she tolerated it quite well. Even jumped her in school as she was being good. (17.11.2014)
Cherion Brook If you get issues of Nag Mag and Pegsus - Watch out for me in them! (09.11.2014)
TreesRGreen 2nights being stabled at night, she is not liking it. (07.11.2014)
Maria J Hello riders!:) Has anyone gone for trekking vacation to Latin or Central America countries? Recommendations and opinions please, thank you! (04.11.2014)
Loes and co Moving to France in 2 weeks with 3 dogs & pony. Any tips? Also looking for stories & questions for an article I write about horse tansport (03.11.2014)
quorum Off to Cornwall later, to watch a Working Equitation Clinic (03.11.2014)
steve225 Dear old Al went to the rainbow bridge. 33 but his old legs just wouldn't work any more. peaceful end with dignity. missed so much RIP (31.10.2014)


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2014 - Back to you *HD*
From : RedfirePhoenix
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Watchung Stables (Do...
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Tour of the Watchung...
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Hey There Delilah
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80 day(s) ago
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Every Day is HUG A HORSE DAY!

Today is International Hugging Day, but we don't need an excuse to hug our horses do we! Just in case you want to know what the benefits of hugging are, here's a quick rundown...

HUGGING makes us HAPPIER. Studies have shown that it releases a happiness hormone.

HUGGING reduces STRESS. Yes, it's been proven to alleviate stress levels and lower our heart rate too.

HUGGING keeps us HEALTHY.  Hugging stimulates the thymus gland which controls those important infection fighting white blood cells. It also helps us recover more quickly from illness.

HUGGING makes us a WINNING TEAM. Team members who hug each other are more likely to produce a winning team.

So, what are you waiting for, whether it's humans, your horse or your pet, it's time to get HUGGING!

                                         a passion for horses.

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