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Member Updates
Cherion Brook Finally got an assignment I'm passionate about! Racing industry evaluating economics and ethics! I love racing, way too happy! (29.09.2014)
TreesRGreen Went to FunDay at local riding club Saturday, and won a 2nd in a Handy Pony type of class. (29.09.2014)
JessAndGrenville123 It's been a long time! Hello troton ;) (28.09.2014)
Flicka It was a hard decision to make but have retired Willow :( She is still available for Trot On photo shoots though ;)! (25.09.2014)
RedfirePhoenix If you can help Major in any way big or small (25.09.2014)
RedfirePhoenix If you can help Major in any way possible big or small a go fund me account has been set up for him to assist his huge vet bills and ongoing vet bills and expenses Maj had 2 colic episodes in the past 2 weeks so a biopsy has been sent off for testing and (25.09.2014)
Cherion Brook Trying to come up with a research proposal to do with horse saddle rider interaction - any ideas :) (22.09.2014)
FancyTheMustang Wow:( Havent been on in awhile...Been really busy... Anyways I hope everyone is ok :) (19.09.2014)
Follow The Arrow is going to show next weekend. :D (17.09.2014)
vccpres So discouraged; have been in a down time lately; I try to stay positive; love my horses and what I do, but smile feels pasted on. (17.09.2014)
Texas Sooo long since I've been on here (bad)hope everyone is ok :) (16.09.2014)
Cherion Brook Meeting is set up with Ken Lyndon-Dykes! So excited can't wait to start my research with him! (16.09.2014)
Follow The Arrow is going to try a horse today. So nervous. (15.09.2014)
Follow The Arrow Going to try a horse today. *crosses fingers* So nervous about this. (15.09.2014)
Cherion Brook Said bye to the ponies and doggies. Back at Uni now ready to start my equine research! Exciting! (09.09.2014)
vccpres Been awhile;Drought here in North Calif.; Hay prices !!!! Have sold 5 horses; still racing but travel, everything SO expensive! (09.09.2014)
Mack Finally have my gelding trained :) (06.09.2014)
jokersmom good morning all had a major thunder storm last nite...lots of rain lightning n thunder horses are good (05.09.2014)
jokersmom (05.09.2014)
jokersmom mine in middle of July we've settled in pretty good miles n spots are just coming along well... (05.09.2014)


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Major needs YOUR hel...
From : RedfirePhoenix
4 day(s) ago
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Believe that things ...
From : RedfirePhoenix
5 day(s) ago
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Major's colic surger...
From : RedfirePhoenix
5 day(s) ago
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Major: Colic Surgery...
From : RedfirePhoenix
49 day(s) ago
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From : Trot on Admin
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11 day(s) ago
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Attitude is EVERYTHING!

When it comes to successfully riding and training horses, Attitude is EVERYTHING, and we're talking about yours! So, over the next few weeks we're going to share some techniques that have worked for us to stick up on the tack room wall or somewhere you're bound to see them to remind yourself to keep focused on having the right attitude. If you change these few things then we're sure you'll see a big improvement in the relationship between you and your horse. But like any changes, you need to keep practicing them all the time to rewire the way you think-that's why we reckon it's good to just work on one change in attitude at a time. Your mind really is a powerful tool if you use it correctly!

                                                       FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE.

Start focusing on the positive things that happen in the day with your horse. Sometimes all we focus on are the things that went wrong. Are you one of those people? For instance, do you come out of a show jumping round and see the one refusal you had and not all the other jumps that your horse sailed over

Every time you catch yourself thinking about the things that went wrong, whether it's something you did or your horse, STOP IT!! That's it, right, no don't you dare think about it! If you're someone who habitually hones in on the negative then you'll find this very hard to do to begin with, but if you're strict with yourself and keep working on it, you will see change.

Now, at the same time start noticing and rewarding yourself and your horse for the good things that you've done that day, however small - maybe it was just one fantastic transition- and afterwards keep repeating that thing or things over and over in your mind. Really hold on to how good it felt. Let it get stuck into your brain.

You also need to start focusing on a positive outcome for future events. If you're worried that something is going to go wrong, start visualising it going right. Again, when you get that negative thought come in to your head, scratch it out, screw it up and stamp on it!

 The more you focus on something going wrong, the more it's likely to happen because by actually focusing on it, you will send all your brain's attention there. Instead, focus on what you want and not what you don't want. Look for the positive with all your energy.

Only you can change the way you think, and you need to start practicing in the mind manege now!

                     a passion for horses.

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